The Number One Mistake I See Happening on Social Media

The Number One Mistake I See Happening on Social Media

With more content for social media being created than ever before, how can we rise above to craft a high-profile brand that stands out (for all the right reasons)?

Do not treat all the platforms as though they are the same, each social media platform has its own audience, customs and language.
— Briar Prestidge

I will give you a step-by-step breakdown and in-depth introduction of the social media giants (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram) and how you can leverage them for growth.


Have a professional tone and create content with the aim to educate or inspire.

  • “Humble bragging,” and posts about CSR do well.

  • Mixing it up between educational videos, informative statuses and photos.

  • In the last year, we have seen LinkedIn video typically get 20% more reach. Cisco predicts 80% of content will be video in 2019.

  • Spend time/ effort on LinkedIn as the algorithm is very free (if I like your post, it will get shared to my entire network and vice versa); it’s an easier platform for growth.

  • We are seeing more personality come out, rather than a stuffy corporate tone.

  • Comment on other people’s posts to make yourself visible to new audiences.

  • Do NOT include perfectly curated Instagram photos as part of your strategy - you will only come across as a basic attention-seeker!

  • Content has a relatively long lifespan of around 3 days, meaning it will keep getting shared and seen.


Future linkedin predictions:

As it’s a new feature, content creators who leverage LInkedIn Live video broadcasting will get more reach. Apply to be one of the first to get it.

Screenshot 2019-05-11 at 14.47.43.png
Screenshot 2019-05-11 at 14.59.01.png

The algorithm will become more like Facebook and Instagram aka you will have to pay to advertise and get the reach you once enjoyed for free. Basically, put time into creating content for this platform NOW.


Curated videos with sharp, snappy cuts, click-bait titles and b-roll combined with you talking about something inspiring, motivational or opinionated, typically do well. Statuses will typically get lost (unless you hit a viral post which is rare). Content has a short lifespan, so you can post OFTEN.

Screenshot 2019-05-11 at 15.15.03.png
Screenshot 2019-05-11 at 15.12.53.png

Facebook Watch, the video-on-demand service and YouTube competitor was rolled out to a select US content creators and started the world wide rollout end of 2018. My favourites are Gary Vaynerchuck and Nas Daily.

Future predictions

Facebook will continue to push video on Facebook Watch.

Facebook has also just launched new features like advertising on Facebook Messenger and Facebook shop - if you are an e-comm brand utilise this to decrease the digital customer journey and if you are a personal brand - what products can you create for your followers to sell directly to them?



  • Who else is sick of the perfectly curated pictures and basic captions of ‘influencers’? As Gary Vee says, “document your life, don’t create it.” Rather than stage a photoshoot in a private jet that will never leave the tarmac (yes, people are actually doing this), do what you can to actually make it, not fake it.

  • Invest in your lifelong learning, read books, meet interesting people. Document that and inspire others. Don’t try and fool people into being someone that you are not.

  • Stop the cheese: be natural.

  • Create relatable memes or inspirational graphics.

Video with title/ captions.

Video with title/ captions.

Leadership content strategy.

Leadership content strategy.


Future Predictions

IGTV is where it is at. Create vertical videos and leverage this. The content creators who make the most of a new feature or platform are the ones that reap the rewards.

People are spending more time than ever on InstaStories. The more you create now, the more people will watch you in the future. Show them what it’s like behind the scenes in your life.

Shop on Instagram now without leaving the platform. I’m wondering, will Influencers continue to market other people’s brands if they can create their own products and share with their followers directly?

Hence why I’m getting all over e-comm for my next business venture.

unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg


The place for controversial, endearing comments on trending news or current events; Twitter can turn trolls into celebrities.

Those who understand the snarky, argumentative Twitterverse and how to exploit it, can use it as a free publicity machine to promote their work, sustain what might have otherwise been 15 minutes of fame — or even run for president (aka Donald Trump),


Reality stars like Kim Kardashian have made a career out of chasing it with their fool proof formula for grabbing attention on the platform: conflict, loud opinions and erratic behaviour.

You can use up to 280 characters and post up to 3x per day.



As I mentioned above, 80% of content this year is predicted to be video which is while I started my daily docu-series as part of my brand strategy.

To optimise your YouTube profile, create different playlists, an engaging and colourful banner, how often you will post and what people can expect from you and the links to your other social channels.

“How to videos” generally work well e.g. “How to produce a podcast”

Watch my docu-series here on my life as an entrepreneur and all my latest insights into digital, social media and PR.

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Understanding and leveraging the different social media platforms and their audience will help you build a powerful brand – and build it FAST.

 Any questions – message me! I love to hear from you. Tag me on social media @briar_prestidge in your content so I can see you smashing it.

Briar Prestidge xx

Watch My Docu-series

The Deals in High Heels Show is a live talkshow event in Dubai, and coming soon to LA and New York.

The Deals in High Heels Show is a live talkshow event in Dubai, and coming soon to LA and New York.

A daily docu-series about Briar Prestidge’s life as an Entrepreneur, Producer and PR Strategist.

A daily docu-series about Briar Prestidge’s life as an Entrepreneur, Producer and PR Strategist.