LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Build Your Network

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Build Your Network

LinkedIn is at an exciting place - it’s where Facebook and Instagram were 5 - 7 years ago. The algorithm is very free. This means that if I like, comments on or re-share your content then my entire network see it.

Gone are the days where people on LinkedIn use to share their CVs, professionals are now creating content and voicing their opinions through articles, statuses, videos and pictures and channeling their brands.

CEOs I have worked with through our agency Briar Prestidge International, have had great success in repositioning keynotes that they have done into 1 - 2 min videos and sharing them online, leading to further speaking engagements.

Podcast and video series we have created for clients, including my own digital series Undercover Empire, have been shared in 1 - 2 min micro-content, encouraging people to watch the full series on my website.

If I was to recommend 2 social media platforms for busy executives to focus on in the UAE, that will (when done right) lead to the biggest ROI for your time, it would be LinkedIn and Instagram.

Unlike Instagram, LinkedIn is not yet dominated heavily curated photos of celebrities, the Kardashians or influencers, even seemingly normal people can grow a network of hundred and thousands of followers and a high levels of people engaging with their content from all over the world.

No matter what your industry or level in your profession, here are 5 easy strategies that you can implement on LinkedIn:


Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile

Having a well positioned and optimised bio on LinkedIn will make all other efforts worthwhile by increasing the chance of conversion. Through research through Briar Prestidge International, we discovered that more people were likely to agree to a business development meeting request, based purely off your social media profile - without even visiting your website!

Your Profile Photo

Having a professional, high resolution picture of you, waist up and with a bright colour either on your shirt or in the background can improve the traffic onto your website by 50% or MORE. Try a few options out. Upgrade your profile to premium to gain insights into your visitors. Surprisingly, the pink profile picture created many more inbound visits than the red.

Screenshot 2019-03-09 at 10.41.27.png
Screenshot 2019-03-09 at 11.02.52.png

Optimise your bio

You want people to come onto your profile and know WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHY they should connect with you.


When a prospect client Googles you, it is likely that your LinkedIn profile will appear at the top.

What are some keywords that you can use in your title to get you in front of the right eyeballs?


In your bio, give people an overview of your company (and add the websites), who you work with, your personal experience, and career highlights (such as PR).

  • Include the value or what people can expect if they connect with you.

  • Add some personality to be memorable.

  • Include a call to action in how they can get in touch.

  • Link your websites.


Your Experience

Again, use keywords in the titles to optimise your profile for search. Add your companies that you work for, and any links to PR or videos of events that you were part of.

Screenshot 2019-06-14 at 14.02.51.png

Your LinkedIn Content Strategy 2019

What’s interesting is that LinkedIn is not dominated solely by influencers and celebrities. Even seemingly “normal” people have thousands of followers and receive high engagement rates. This hints to the fact that there is a lot of opportunity for just about any user, as long as they develop an effective strategy.

With corporate giant Cisco predicting 80% of content this year to be video, and the shift we have seen from segmented content to digital “shows” across all social platforms (e.g. the rise of IGTV and Facebook Watch), I predict that LinkedIn will follow the same route. Already we typically see 20% extra reach for video content - video is favoured by the algorithms.

Video CAN be expensive, but today we have trusty phones that record video better than some camera. And rather than created, curated video content, as Gary Vee says: document it.

Delivering a keynote at an event? Why not set your phone up with this stand and use this mic to record yourself.

Then, you can cut the keynote video in 30 sec - 1 minute highlights that either educate or entertain your audience and upload the captions using Kapwing for extra reach (who even watches videos on social media with sound turned on these days?!)

As a digital marketer, you either want to drive conversation or traffic on to your website. Include a link to the full video on your website with a call-to-action and encourage people to watch it.


Be a trendsetter and thought leader

Share your opinions, expertise and experience through articles, video, statuses. But remember the LinkedIn audience you are catering to - PROFESSIONALS. Your Instagram selfies WILL NOT do well here.

Have you seen these kind of posts flooding LinkedIn?

The ones that look like this?

One sentence.

One paragraph.

A dull personal anecdote.

A clichéd life lesson.

Someone 30 minutes late for a job interview who is dripping wet after being in the rain that gets hired.

As the LinkedIn algorithm is very free, fake news or stories are often prone to going 'viral.’ But even though these post may get you ‘skitter’ followers, and low quality connections, they are brand damaging.

If you want to craft a professional, high-profile brand, use a video or photo of you delivering a keynote, and due the relatively long content live span on LinkedIn, only post twice a week.

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The Briar Prestidge Audio experience. For interviews, ramblings, and keynotes.

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A daily docu-series about Briar Prestidge’s life as an Entrepreneur, Producer and PR Strategist.