Streams of Progress Podcast: Interview with Briar Prestidge

Building a Reputation for Business Success: Streams of Progress Podcast with Briar Prestidge

This was originally published on Streams of Progress

Streams of Progress is a podcast that engages in conversations with UAE's change makers, and has weekly interviews with entrepreneurs, founders and innovators.

On Steams of Progress, Mehrad interviews Briar Prestidge, founder of Briar Prestidge International, a high-profile PR and media production agency working with world leaders, she shares how to build a reputation for business success, online and offline.

Enjoy the show!


Show Notes:

  • 7:30 – Starting her side hustle

  • 8:45 – On being fired from her last job and the lack of passion for that.

  • 10:45 – Her MO for moving to cities she had never visited before.

  • 13:15 – Starting her “Deal in High Heels” talk show

  • 14:30 – Her strategy for Hashtags to grow her following

  • 16:45 – Filming of an Amazon Prime series

  • 18:45 – Looking to Oprah Winfrey & Ellen DeGeneres as role models for the talk show

  • 19:45 – The power of repeat network events and building trust with others

  • 20:30 – One of various series they produce

  • 21:30 – Starting a sunglass and fashion label

  • 23:30 – Writing a book, “Building a reputation for business success”

  • 25:15 – The importance of controlling your online presence

  • 26:15 – Identifying what kind of brand you want to build with your vision

  • 28:15 – Documenting your life vs. ‘creating it’

  • 32:15 – Challenging the status quo

  • 34:45 – Her hobbies and routines

  • 35:45 – Briar’s view on the great initiatives coming out of Dubai to be a leader in sustainability and technology innovation