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It’s great if you can charm your clients when you first meet them, but people often Google you prior. What do your clients find?

Surely your Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles come up, and are these pages all in line with your company values?

Perhaps your personal brand is currently doing more harm than good?


In today’s digital world, you have an opportunity to reach more people than ever before. But there is a problem - so does your competition! You need to stand out with a unique website and social media presence that reflects your product or service.

At Briar Prestidge, we build dynamic, attention-grabbing WordPress websites that will invite the right clients to work with you.

We know your website is important – it’s the online version of YOU.

Whether you’re starting from scratch and need help registering a domain, or you want to optimise your current site, we will ensure your website is as authentic and inviting as you.



Using our business and marketing strategy experience, we ensure your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN and Twitter profiles promote your personal brand, and are optimised to get your brand's message across the globe. 

How often do you receive a friend request on Facebook or a 'follow' on Instagram from a client now?  These platforms were previously solely reserved for friends, but now people want more connections and marketing reach. 

Briar Prestidge will ensure that your social channels are accurate, personal yet professional, representations of you.


With the changes in social channels algorithms, brands have found it harder to grow. Developing a creative online campaign, whether in collaboration with another brand or solo, that will help you reach your target audience and convert leads into revenue. 

Online Campaigns