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Envision the credibility you will uphold when a client Googles you and finds an article you wrote, a video you created about your product or interview someone did with you.

Consumers aren't interested in faceless corporations anymore – it feels untrusting! We want relatable, human interaction. Companies have clicked onto this and promote their products through influencers on social media. But, who’s better to market your product or service than yourself?!

Strategically carving your online presence  not only showcases what it is you do, but WHY you do it.

What are the core values behind your company? Why should clients use your brand over your competition? What makes you special?

At Briar Prestidge, we  will devise a powerful content marketing strategy that CONNECTS with your target audience across social media platforms.

Through video, photos, and blog writing, we work with you to develop a clear and professional image, teamed with a thought-provoking 'voice' to cut through the noise of your competitors. 

By establishing yourself as a thought-leader in your respective field both online and offline, you open yourself up to career success and further opportunities to promote your brand.