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Personal Brand Conceptualisation


When it comes to your career or business success, you have the power. Whether you are selling a service or product, you are an extension of your brand. In today’s age of digital ‘influencers,’ who is better than to market your brand than YOU?

Think about Steve Jobs and Apple, or Bill Gates and Microsoft – these entrepreneurs have an epic voice, and have developed a distinct personal brand that is inseparable from the companies they built.

There is an incredible amount of 'noise' on social media, so how will your business stand out?

People buy from people; by 'humanising' your service or product you create an impactful personal brand marketing strategy,

Our process


Understanding Your Personal Brand


For many business people, this is harder than it sounds. Even if you run a hugely successful business, I'm sure you want to reach even more clients, make your work feel more rewarding and increase your career opportunities.

For many entrepreneurs who are just starting, they try to market to the masses rather than reaching a specific group who LOVE what they do. Unfortunately, this can be as effective as throwing your content against the wall and praying something sticks. 

At Briar Prestidge, we will analyse your target audience and explore your career and company goals. We help you reach your final destination by delivering a highly targeted, personal branding strategy.


Developing Your Digital Identity


Many people want to be seen as the ‘brains’ behind their company. Just like it was cool to rap in the 90s, people like Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez have made it cool to ‘hustle.’ Equally, they have taught us the incredible power of promoting your business by building a personal brand across social media.

We will work with you to develop your digital ‘Story.’ People don’t want to hear what you do, they want why you do it.


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