Briar Prestidge’s Story

Briar grew up on a small farm in Darfield, New Zealand and graduated University with a bachelor in Speech and Language Pathology with Honors. After graduation, she moved to Melbourne, Australia, and, juggled three jobs in a restaurant, cafe and as a nanny. Following a time where she felt ‘lost and depressed,” Briar made a crazy spur-of-the-moment decision to move to Manhattan, NYC. She got a job initially as a waitress, before studying for her real estate licence. This brave move sparked a new found confidence, and Briar became determined to reach heights in her career.

In 2016, Briar moved to London and started working in recruitment; attending the UK top billers awards ceremony. On the side, she started to build websites and creating content for social media, sparking a new-found love for marketing; prompting her to become a qualified digital marketer. As her brand and following grew on social media, professionals started coming to her to say, “OK, we see what you’re doing, how can we build our brands too?” Briar saw a gap in the market for online brand building and PR, founded her company Briar Prestidge International, and moved to Dubai.

As her passion for her day job in recruitment had subsided and she was spending more and more time focussed on her “side hustle”, Briar was fired. With one month’s salary in her back pocket and no family or extra finances to rely on, Briar jumped into entrepreneurship.

True to her DNA, Briar bootstrapped the business. Briar Prestidge International grew within the first year to become an intentionally boutique, high-profile marketing and reputation building agency, only working with very select high-profile CEOs, celebrities and business influencers.

While scaling her business, Briar started her live talk show series, The Deals in High Heels Show. By practicing what she preaches, she amassed a large online following on social media and was featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Ella ME, CEO Magazine, OSN, and Khaleej Times.

Briar and her team strategised and produced leading podcasting and video series for clients, ‘Business is Personal’ and in 2019, she was selected for a global Amazon Prime TV series called The Social Movement. In July, she will travel to Montreal for filming alongside 40 other entrepreneurs from around the globe. The series will be aired in 2020.

Wanting to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs, Briar launched her series ‘Undercover Empire,’ docu-series about her life as a young entrepreneur and CEO. Believing that the future is in audio, Briar also launched her podcast series, Briar Prestidge Audio.

Briar is also designing a corporate fashion and sunglasses label under the Briar Prestidge group and is writing a book, ‘Building A Reputation For Business Success.

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