Business Quick-Fire: The Great Mind Series explores advice from industry experts, visionaries and global speakers that you can quickly implement to stay ahead in the game of business.

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Dov Baron 

Passion vs Purpose

Dov Baron asks, what are you passionate about? Is it what you have ALWAYS been passionate about - most likely not...

Passion is TRANSITORY.


Sara Al Madani  

Fear is just an illusion 

As a serial entrepreneur since age 15, Sara has had many moments where she has had to lead and push past her fear.

You only live once, so why on earth are you wasting your life living in fear?

Tasha Eurich  

How to get honest feedback

The unfortunate reality that the higher leaders get to the top, the LESS self-aware they are. Honest feedback is hard to get at the top - yet CRITICAL for a strong organization. 

So what can we do to get it? 

Gordon Tredgold

Accountability is the key to your success 

It's the difference between success and failure - but the hard part is, we cannot FORCE people to be accountable. It has to be ACCEPTED.

What question can we ask to make people more accountable?

John Sanei

Are you driven by fear? 

John asks, "are you running towards the light or are you running from the darkness?"

Is it ANXIOUS energy pushing you forward?

Muhammad Chbib

Build your company through your people

Muhammed is a serial entrepreneur who believes that success comes from investing in your people. 

As leaders, how should we show up and act by example each day?