We aren't going to beat around the bush here: In today's digital world, it's crucial to have a great online presence and you know it.


We are proud to represent the top management, CEOs, creatives, influencers, authors and business professionals, in Dubai and internationally, by repositioning them on the market and executing a specialised, integrated digital branding, business development and PR strategy.


Let us tell you (or let our results tell you): We are the best ...and, well, the only ones who do what we do!


Yes, building your influential personal brand (and properly managing it) is a lucrative investment that yields lifelong return.


·      Do you want to execute a powerful social media marketing strategy so clients COME to YOU?

·      Want to be respected as a thought leader or industry expert?

·      Want to receive free PR and interview opportunities?

·      Want to reposition yourself (and your company) globally?

·      Launch and market a new book, product or service?

·      Become a person of influence or someone to ‘follow’?

·      Craft a powerful and relatable online brand for investors or business development?

·      Bring in new global speaking or presenting opportunities at events?

·      Become the next Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk or Oprah Winfrey, haha?



As your 'right-hand-man,' we also manage and oversee top regional and international personal brands, by:


Ghost writing: We craft compelling stories to position you above the noise on social media.

Content creation: After extensive research into your target audience we create content that disrupts and challenges the status quo, including video and photography.

Branding: We develop your "why," brand story and guidelines.

Community management: We take care of the timely process of building digital partnerships and sustaining an online community.

Create online interview and PR opportunities: We craft images that present you as an expert, create goodwill and solid perceptions within the community.

Brand management: We handle all inbound enquires and negotiate price.

Business development: Map out and build strategic relationships for increased sales, new connections and speaking engagements.

Marketing collateral: Logos, business cards and flyers.

Influencer marketing: We work with agencies and brands to plan and implement marketing campaigns.


Our Packages 

Following a comprehensive analysis of your target audience, extensive audit into your online presence, and research into your career and company goals, we reposition you on the market and devise a powerful marketing strategy centered around you as an individual. 

We help you articulate your talents, vision, and purpose so you’ll stand out from your competitors. We disrupt the noise and challenge the status quo. Want to be seen as a respected thought leader within your industry, bring in new and better clients and build a powerful network? We've got this.

Prestidge III

For the established Executive, Influencer or Creative  


Prestidge II 

For the driven Entrepreneur or Professional who wants more


Prestidge I - corporate Workshops

Everyone who works for you, from associate to executive, is a representative of your brand.

Our digital strategy workshops give your teams techniques to align their online presence with your company values, and to position them above the competition to carry out online business development, whether on LinkedIn or Instagram. 

You can also hire our founder, Briar Prestidge, for your event for keynotes on personal branding and motivation. Please email to find out more.

Through our marketing and events agency, Deals in High Heels, Briar leads monthly digital strategy workshops and keynotes on personal branding and motivation. We also collaborate with relevant brands and services who want to increase their brand awareness and market to our extensive business community.