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I'm Briar Prestidge from Deals in High Heels - a corporate lifestyle and business networking community. With a background in executive headhunting and digital marketing, I have spent the last decade living and working in some of the most dynamic cities on Earth – places like Melbourne, Auckland, London, New York and Dubai, where I am now the founder and CEO of a personal branding agency, Briar Prestidge Consultancy.
I use the lessons of my successful career and my life as a CEO to coach others about career strategies, business mentality, personal branding and professional communication, in person and online, while wearing my favourite office fashion.

You probably moved to Dubai for career development, the lifestyle, travel opportunities and the business highs associated with being a hardworking professional. You seek success in your field, new opportunities, and validation as a respected professional. Deals in High Heels is a relevant platform where current and future expats can access regional business information, recommended events for entrepreneurs, and attend the bi-monthly, educational women’s networking group, NBHH (Networking, Business, Heels and Hustle).

The Coaching Collective 


With an incredible amount of noise across social media, and “experts” clamouring for undivided attention on topics of all sorts, the Dubai business world can be difficult to navigate – whose business minds can we have the confidence in to generate credible thought leadership?

In collaboration with our personal branding agency, Deals in High Heels has auditioned and carefully selected five high-profile career, wellness and holistic health coaches to form the Coaching Collective - a dynamic group that will appeal to the discerning through their authenticity, expert regional knowledge and background diversity who will release weekly podcasts that will captivate the region’s entrepreneurial spirits.




Does Discussing Your 'Price' on Business Meetings Give You The Heebie Jeebies? Not Anymore!

As a woman new to 'business,' I initially struggled with these conversations. It seems as though, despite KNOWING our service is worth the money, we are concerned clients won't see the value and it suddenly becomes waaaay too difficult to discuss... Time to stop thinking of pricing as something you need to hide!

Briar Prestidge - Deals in High Heels

Why Your Only Limitation to Your Success is... Your MinD


I've just left my job. How liberating! Despite being a figment of my imagination, conjured up from a desire for success and an understanding that hard work would get me there, Deals in High Heels has taught me many things about overcoming my mind's limitations this last week.