Founded in 2016, we are a leading personal brand management agency with operations in Dubai, New York and London. We are proud to be working with world leaders, celebrities, entertainers, public intellectuals, investors and experts.

Our team spends time understanding you and exploring your goals, dreams and aspirations, all before we create a personalised online-offline strategy.

We combine digital marketing, online public relations, branding and executive career positioning techniques, and handle the timely day-to-day operations of your brand.

With vast experience of the online landscape, we set regular KPIs. Results driven, we are committed to our client's success.

We boost our client's prestige, grow their following and elevate them to become impactful international influencers and the recognised leaders that they always dreamed of becoming.



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Briar Prestidge

Briar prestidge

With a background in digital marketing, branding and executive headhunting, Briar has an international career that spans over Dubai, New York, London, Melbourne and Auckland.

She is renown for her personal branding work with high-profile clients and has been featured in CEO Magazine Middle East, Entrepreneur Middle East, Ella Magazine, Khaleej Times and The Media Network.

Briar is also the Managing Director of media and events agency, Deals in High Heels and a talk show host.

As a speaker, she presents on personal branding, digital and social media strategy, and motivation.